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1962Established as green tea bagger and wholesaler
1967Constructed Tokorozawa factory for green tea processing
1970Completed a new green tea finishing control system and storage technology
1971Constructed 3-story Tokorozawa head office with business headquarter, and
subsequently closed a sales office in Musashino City.
1973Incorporated into Kunitaro Co., Ltd. capitalized at \5mil.
1974Following the study of a coffee franchise system (FC), opened model shops of its kind
1975Capital increased to \20 mil.
1976Purchased a factory site sizing approx. 5,115 ㎡(present Shizuoka Factory) in
Shizuoka Prefecture
1977Constructed Shizuoka factory (tea processing and packing)
1979Constructed added Shizuoka factory for seaweed processing, including a warehouse and a barley tea double roasting factory
1980Set up a Gifu branch office, a seaweed factory improved for an automation line
1981Capital Increased to \40 mil., purchased Shizuoka factory site sizing 1,485 ㎡
1982Constructed a warehouse (including a refrigerator) with area of 660 ㎡
1985Set up Chiba sales office
1986Capital increased to \60 mil., completed a humidity control system of a finishing factory (fitting shop)
1987Capital increased to \90 mil., developed a moisture content automatic control and detection system (Kuni-cascade System)
1987Set up Atsugi sales office in Kanagawa Prefecture
1988Established Avance Trading Co., Ltd.(trading div. separated from the head office)
1988Obtained the bidding right of National Federation of Nori & Shellfish-Fishers Cooperative Associations


Started direct import of coffee beans
1990Completed the construction of a coffee beans roasting factory
1992Obtained the bidding right of Chiba Prefectural Fishermen’s Association
1994Purchased Shizuoka factory green tract of land sizing 990 ㎡, and expanded ground coffee facility (annual production of 3,000 to 9,000 t)
1995In Jan., expanded Shizuoka factory to 6 stories, inner packing (537.9 ㎡,x 4 floors), a shipping yard and an office (528 ㎡)
1996Started a tearoom business, including “Cafe-rent Shop” and “Avance Shop” as trial business status
1997Established Kunitaro Australia Pty Ltd capitalized at 0.6 mil. in Australian dollar. Started a new personnel performance system
1998Set up a scientific laboratory (tea ingredient analysis and raw material selection standard) at Shizuoka factory to strengthen original products and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
1999Started tackling a comprehensive sanitary control method by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to ensure the safety of food
2000Increased capital of Kunitaro Australia Pty Ltd to 1 mil. in Aus. dollar
2001Increased capital to \180 mil. Authorized as Japanese Agricultural
Standard (JAS) approved factories for organic barley tea and the like. Constructed a sales promotion information sending center for unification of information, and the head office service functions started for this purpose
2002Consolidated Atsugi and Chiba sales offices into the Information Center of the head office. Authorized as JAS approved factories (organic green tea)
2003Authorized as JAS approved factories (organic black tea and organic coffee). The factories also authorized by both HACCP Promotion Council and Tokyo Kenbikyoin Foundation
2004Started tackling the guidance of site improvements in Shizuoka factories (ternary reform)
2005Secured the traceability (tea and seaweeds). Expanded the 3rd floor of a new factory to 2,244 m2 at Shizuoka factory site to meet the specifications of HACCP, and raised the internal pressure to provide measures against the prevention of the open air and insects from coming. The new merchandise development factory was newly equipped with powdering facilities free from lumps and steam-used automatic sterilization operation equipment. The factory also developed the technology of separate tea bags designed for extraction into PET bottles.
2006Awarded the excellent skill prize for PET bottled green tea series at Saitama Prefectural Venture Business Superb Quality Product Contest.
2007 Obtained the certificate of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 22000 for a food safety management system (Japanese Quality Assurance Association(JQA)) at the head office and Shizuoka factories.
Consolidated a Gifu branch into Shizuoka business div.
2012 Obtained the certificate of International Organization for Standardization (FSSC) 22000 for a food safety management system (Japanese Quality Assurance Association(JQA)) at Shizuoka factories.
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