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Our basic policy on management is
To respect consumers, assist growers and contribute to our society.
To aim at establishing a position as a leading company and then at becoming the number one company in Japan.
To make our company friendly and respected while we cultivate our individual personal character.
Therefore, we aim at firmly operating and developing our company and also at also at enriching employee's life.

We have been operating our company based on our product policy of respecting the consumerism. We have differentiated our products from other by offering convenient, high-quality, reasonable, safe and health-oriented products.
We have been working on the green tea project in Australia since 1995, and this project has been successfully developed in collaboration with the local government and farmers.
We owe our present success to all who have been working with us, and would like to express our sincere gratitude to all this opportunity.

Tea is indispensable in our daily life in Japan. Green tea has been drawing consumer's attention as a healthy drink due to its ingredients such as catechin, carotene, vitamins, etc. Tea is now regarded as one of the healthiest beverage.

By means of physical and chemical method, we analyze the ingredients of tea to verity the delicious taste of tea. We are working further on the production of tea to make it much more satisfactory to customers.

We offer proposals to our customers for their private brand products to achieve the customer's satisfaction. In collaboration with earnest growers and with our refining technique, we have been marketing many private brand products.
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