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Aroma 20P Mild Blend
 (\19 per cup)

Good body and acidity are harmoniously suited for soft and tasty blend. Enjoy full-bodied taste and superior quality acidity!
Aroma 20P Kilimanjaro
 Blend (\19 per cup)

With superior quality acidity of Kilimanjaro as its basis, refreshing blend was realized. Enjoy refreshing acidity and mild body!
Aroma 20P Special Blend
 (\19 per cup)

Continued focusing on a full-bodied taste peculiar to coffee was brought to fruition of mild coffee. Enjoy the fragrance spreading inside your mouth and a deeply full-bodied taste!

Firmly fastened grip hook

Stable hook with a click
The hook is fitted with grooves so that the drip filter can be safely removed after hot water has been poured.The notches were made for the hook so that the hook can be firmly hanged on the cup with a click. By so doing, hot water can be poured safely.
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